• Industries

    Accu-Cut continues to provide tooling and machines for some of the biggest names in the automotive and aerospace industries. Accu-Cut also serves industries such as hydraulics, ceramics, small engine, medical, appliance, and specialty applications.
  • Tooling

    Accu-Cut’s precision diamond tooling yields shorter cycle times, longer tool life, lower variability, and reduced scrap levels at a per piece cost that is lower than conventional technology; helping our customers achieve a favorable return on investment without sacrificing quality.
  • Machines & Applications

    Accu-Cut offers turnkey, fully automated, diamond boring solutions that can be integrated with your process to deliver precision exceeding 2 Cpk at high production rates.
  • Research & Development

    For the past 30 years, Accu-Cut has provided innovative solutions that are unique to our customers’ needs. Our designs are crafted by Accu-Cut Engineers and evaluated to the highest statistical standards by our Quality Assurance team.
  • Contact Us

    Let our Applications Engineers address your specific requirements