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For the past 30 years, Accu-Cut has provided manufacturers with cost effective tooling and machine solutions for their applications.


Our diamond micro-cutting technology outperforms conventional honing, ID grinding, and carbide reaming processes from a cost and quality standpoint.  Long tool life and short cycle time yield low per piece cost.  Statistical capability eliminates the need for 100% inspection and reduces scrap levels for further cost savings.


Accu-Cut also continues to refine tool design to help manufacturers improve cycle time and increase tool life, allowing them to maintain a competitive advantage.

accu cut cost savings diamond reamer tool
Accu-cut diamond hard broach tool
accu cut diamond blind bore tool rotary piston pump
Accu-cut diamond through bore tool

Accu-Cut Diamond Reamers were applied to a pump sleeve application to remove 1.27mm (0.050”) stock, achieve Rz < 1, and eliminate the honing process.  This resulted in a cycle time reduction of over 90% and a cost savings of over $3 per part or $150K/year.


An Accu-Cut Diamond Hard Broach Tool was applied to fallout gears to cleanup internal spline heat treat distortion, salvaging approximately $50K in parts and protecting customer supply.


Accu-Cut Diamond Blind Bore Tools were used on 2 RoboDrills for a small engine cylinder bore application (0.0635mm stock removal, Rz < 3), replacing 7 conventional honing machines and saving over $280K.


Accu-Cut Diamond Through Bore Tools were designed for a motorcycle crank lever application to replace costly conventional honing, resulting in cycle time reduction of 90%, per piece cost reduction of 85%, and savings of $300K.

 An Accu-Cut Diamond Bore Sizing Machine designed for:

- a turbocharger application resulted in a 3-fold increase in throughput and a 90% reduction in per piece cost.

- power steering sleeves to replace ID grinding resulted in 70% reduction in capital expenditures or $600K.

- fractional motor gears replaced 3 conventional honing machines and reduced cost by 70%.

accu-cut diamond tool honing bore sizing cost effective machines
Did you know…
The first Accu-Cut machines in the 1980’s were built to replace German honing machines?

Want to learn more about how Accu-Cut can help improve your per piece cost?

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