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Lowest Cost Per Unit (CPU)

Diamonds maximize process capability with the highest Cp/Cpk levels (> 27 Cp / > 17 Cpk) and the lowest Cost Per Unit (as low as $0.001).  

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Accu-Cut pre-assembles, qualifies, and demonstrates

proof-of-principle for all tooling at no cost to you.

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Highest Process Stability

Accu-Cut Diamond Tools have the Highest Stability Factor and also eliminate scrap.

Process Capability

3.5% of tolerance

Size Tolerance: +/- 0.005 mm

Turbocharger Push Rod Bores

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reamer 2.jpg

Automotive Connecting Rod Crank Bore

Automotive Rocker Arm

The Benchmark of Bore Quality

Diamonds produce and maintain the longest trends in SPC.

  • Size:                     1µm

  • Surface Finish:     0.08µm

  • Straightness:        0.50µm

  • Cylindricity:           1µm

Cylidricity graph 01.png
Roundness graph 01.png
Ra graph 3.5 uin.png
Ra graph 3.5 uin 03.png

Surface Finish: 3.5 µin / 0.089 µm

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