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Accu-Cut SIZE-ADJUSTABLE DIAMOND TOOLS are specifically designed for your unique application.  Our tool engineers have over 35 years of experience designing tools to meet your specific needs.  Provide us with a part print, let us ask the questions, and we will use our expansive database of 35 years of proven success to optimize your tool configuration and provide you with the highest Cpk over long tool life. Our tools are engineered to meet your size and surface texture requirements.


At Accu-Cut, we guarantee the performance of our tools when used with our process recommendations.


Accu-Cut pre-assembles, qualifies, and demonstrates

proof-of-principle for all tooling at no cost to you.

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accu cut diamond honing bore sizing tools
accu cut diamond adjustable reamer tool
accu cut diamond hard broaching tool gear
accu cut diamond honing bore sizing step bore tool bolt carrier
accu cut diamond honing bore sizing through bore tools differential pinion gear
accu cut diamond honing bore sizing blind bore tool rotary piston pump

Accu-Cut single-pass diamond honing bore tools are capable of controlling size to the micron level and produce your desired surface texture over long tool life.

Accu-Cut step bore tools can process two concentric diameters simultaneously while holding the tightest tolerances.

Accu-Cut diamond hard broaching tools are one-of-a-kind and can clean up unique bore shapes after heat treat.

Accu-Cut blind bore single-pass diamond honing tools can size high precision blind bores with little relief.

Accu-Cut adjustable diamond reamers outperform carbide-tipped reamers for better statistical capability, longer tool life, and lower per piece cost.

Accu-Cut develops specialty tools to address unique applications.

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