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accu-cut diamond hard broaching tool
accu-cut diamond hard broaching tool

Accu-Cut’s diamond hard broaching process is one-of-a-kind and is most widely used to correct internal spline distortion after heat treat.  Our process is able to correct involute form as well as major and minor diameter, all with a single tool.  Gear manufacturers rely on this technology to eliminate interference caused by heat treat distortion. In addition, our process can handle irregular bores such as D-shaped, double D-shaped, lobed shaped, and other non-circular bores.


Accu-Cut’s diamond hard broaching process can be used as a stand-alone/external process to requalify and salvage fallout parts; or can be used in-line with your everyday process to ensure geometry to prevent fallout.


Accu-Cut’s broach machine features an intelligent feedback system that automatically optimizes the cycle time by minimizing the time needed to process each individual part, even if part-to-part distortion varies.


Unlike conventional broaching processes, Accu-Cut’s broaching process is more affordable, takes up considerably less space, and can handle some of the toughest materials.


Accu-Cut’s diamond broaching can also be applied to green state parts, which can improve green state consistency to reduce heat treat distortion.


Want to learn more?  Feel free to contact us at for more information.

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